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Heavy Rains Can Equal Property Damage In Lake Oswego

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Heavy Rains Can Equal Property Damage In Lake Oswego Heavy rains can be a problem for Lake Oswego homeowners. SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is always here to help.

Many natural bodies of water provide hours of fun and relaxation to Lake Oswego and West Linn residents. If they overflow due to heavy rains, flooding can rush into homes and cause extensive damage. Mitigating such damage by professionals restores homes to pre-flood condition. 

When residents find their floors soggy with water, flood damage is already beginning. Carpets become ruined quickly, and the flooring support underneath becomes at risk of becoming severely damaged. Walls made of stucco, drywall and other absorbent materials quickly wick water upwards, making two lines – flood line and a wavy one where moisture prevails. 

SERVPRO professionals use pumps of various kinds to remove standing water. Switching to smaller units helps remove puddles inside usually unnoticed depressions. Afterward, we quickly remove the carpeting and padding. Setting up the machinery to dry out floors comes next. Walls that receive immediate attention can often remain standing instead of being torn away and replaced. We include the treatments needed to kill any pathogens, as well. 

Because flooding inside a home happens on lower levels, many people become surprised at how muggy the air becomes inside their flooded home. Water continually attempts to find equilibrium and uses evaporation and condensation to achieve this state. Opening windows and doors after a flood can help the moisture exit your home to much drier air outside. The air movers used to dry out walls also keeps moisture from settling, and the desiccant machines trap the water molecules before they can condense elsewhere inside your home. 

If flooding occurred inside your kitchen area, we can help restore this area to functioning capacity again. However, unlike other areas of your home where cleaning and removal of silt and other minute debris suffices, government regulations require the disposing of all foodstuffs. Contact with floodwater, no matter how temporary, renders those items inedible. In cans, there are too many tiny places where dangerous pathogens can hide, and the risk of contamination is extremely high. Bleach may render these pathogens inert, but it can also corrode the can and cause additional problems. 

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is ready to help you with flood damage when the Willamette overflows in our area. Calling (503) 635-6233 puts you in contact with our 24-hour service and begins the restoration process every flooded home needs.

The Many Faces of Storm Damage Restoration

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Many Faces of Storm Damage Restoration If you live in the Lake Oswego area, a storm is ALWAYS brewing. Good thing SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is ALWAYS here to help. 24/7.

The damage a storm does to your home is contingent on the type of storm in question. Additionally, the level of severity of the storm has an impact of how much damage your home will sustain as well as the area that will be affected.

An example of this would be the effects of heavy, torrential rains verses the effects of a hailstorm. A hailstorm has the potential to damage your roof and external parts of your home but leave no water damages, while heavy rains can cause flooding and water damage, but not have any effect on your roof shingles or siding.

After a damaging storm has passed and your home or business has been left with damage, you will need a restoration contractor with the reputation, staff, equipment and knowledge to get the job done fast and expediently. We believe we are that company.

Here are two examples of the many types of storm damage you may encounter in the Portland area:

  • Flooding – The main concern when it comes to flooding will be water damage to your home of business. The restoration company you go with will need to be able to handle water damage restoration work and all the many variables that come with it.
  • Wind – This can be a big issue for those of us who live at the base of the Columbia River gorge! Damages from strong winds can include damage from flying debris and organic material that can damage roofing and break windows and sometimes affect structural components of the building. It is a good idea to choose a company that can assist with structural restoration.

Regardless of the type of damaged sustained in the Portland metro area, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn has you and your family covered. We take pride in our involvement in our community, as well as being a part of an elite nationally recognized restoration service.   

As a fire, water and storm disaster restoration specialist, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn utilizes and maintains and inventory of state of the art equipment and houses a staff of highly trained and IICRC certified personnel to return your home or business to a preloss condition. We are available 24 hours a day to tackle any issue the winter weather may throw at your home or business. 503-635-6233

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is READY For Storm Season!

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is READY For Storm Season! The wet season is upon us and SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is READY!

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is a storm and flood restoration juggernaut! Our staff is highly trained and IICRC certified to handle the stormy and wet weather common to the Pacific Northwest. Our warehouse is stocked with state of the art equipment and we are fully prepared to bring your home or business back to a preloss condition following storm damage.


It’s not just a catch phrase! As a locally owned and operated business, we are prepared to respond quickly and expediently with the right tools and knowledge to get the job done FAST. After a heavy rain storm, a quick response is CRITICAL to minimizing potential secondary damages and costs to your Lake Oswego home or business.


In Clackamas County, a storm disaster can strike at any time. Our team of professionals is poised and ready to assess the damage and measure our resources to tackle a large storm or water loss. Our national affiliation enables us to draw from a network of over 1700 SERVPRO franchises across the country. Our DISASER RECOVERY TEAMS are renowned throughout the restoration industry and are located strategically across the entire United States.

If your home or business ever suffers from storm damage, take the guesswork out of the equation and call the experts with a proven track record to get the job done right. Call SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn. We are available 24/7 and are ready for any disaster at any time. 503-635-6233

Tips to Mitigate Storm Damage from Structural Defects

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips to Mitigate Storm Damage from Structural Defects If you live in Clackamas county, a storm is ALWAYS brewing. Are you and your family ready?

Storms that dump many inches of rain over the period of just a few hours expose your home to the risk of severe flooding inside your foundation. The causes of these storm-related outcomes focus on the condition and capacity of gutter and downspout systems as well as the possibility of seepage because of the supersaturated ground. Our crews train extensively to respond to these types of conditions, ready to turn back the clock and return your Lake Oswego home to you “Like it never even happened.” 
Several days of incessant rains soak the ground surrounding your house. The water finds nowhere to go but through the cinder blocks into your foundation. As the pounding rain rolls off the roof into your gutters, it spills over, sending torrents of water over the edge of your foundation. We have answers to the flood damage afflicting your Portland home, dilemma, and you can almost guarantee yourself a better result if you call for our services immediately without trying to manage the influx of water by yourself. 
Our team ascertains if it is safe to work in the flooded basement, and we begin pumping out the water. We hit the ground running even if the power in your home is unavailable to use because of our powerful truck mounted submersible pumps and water extractors. Once the water level reduces, SERVPRO team members assess the condition of any mechanical systems and determine whether stored items or furnishings sustained flood damage. Cinder block walls are notorious for holding water within interior cells. Sophisticated scanning techniques find pockets of water, and we drill through mortar joints to release it. Air movers and dehumidifiers begin the process of drying the walls and floors. 
SERVPRO does not leave you high and dry after completion of the job. We consult with you about the reasons for this destructive event. Water incursions through the walls of your foundation signal that the grading around your home may need review. Poorly performing gutters and downspouts may need an upgrade. We also work you through the insurance claim process as storm related flooding frequently is a covered instance. 
SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is poised to perform when you call (503) 635-6233. No disaster is too big or too small for our professionals to lend their training and experience to meet your needs in Lake Oswego, West Linn, or even Marylhurst.

Storm Damage & Preventative Maintenance

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage & Preventative Maintenance Is your West Linn home prepared for a storm emergency?

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn prides itself on being a leader in the commercial and residential restoration industry. As storm damage experts, we help home and business owners recover from small incidental damage all the way up to total loss after a major storm.

Storm Damage starts with severe weather, such as hail, heavy winds, hail and most common to our region, rain. The potential a storm has to damage your property is directly related to how protected your property is and if due diligence has been paid to preventative maintenance on your home or property. An example of this would be small leaks that have gone undetected and addressed for a substantial amount of time until they become a much bigger and more expensive issue.

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is your local storm damage company and we can help identify some of these smaller issues before they become bigger ones. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide you with superior emergency service after a major storm as well as help secure your property and belongings to minimize continued damage.

Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your home or business in the event of a storm emergency. 503-635-6233

Heavy Rain in Lake Oswego Can Mean Flooding In West Linn

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Heavy Rain in Lake Oswego Can Mean Flooding In West Linn Your flooded home deserves the complete attention our SERVPRO team will provide after a flooding event. Contact us for a quick response.

After weeks of heavy rain some homeowners in West Linn can face the potential for flooding. Rain totals of more than an inch over the period of days and no end to the precipitation in sight make residents in our area uneasy. Our project managers, crews, and equipment are ready if you call.

Although Clackamas county municipal officials take many steps to manage local heavy precipitation, sometimes the rains in the neighborhood create significantflood damage in West Linn. When your home is the one affected, you have just one concern -- how can I get help to remediate all the flood damage issues? Our technicians train in a wide range of restoration disciplines that all combine to return your house to you “Like it never even happened.”

When flood waters rise in the lower levels of your home, reach out for help from SERVPRO immediately. The longer you wait for help, the more probable the water will severely damage the structure of your home and your treasured possessions and important papers and documents. Flood waters also frequently contain substantial quantities of contaminants that expose you and your family to potentially hazardous substances including bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, and human and animal waste.

We arrive ready for any possibility. Our technicians prepare continually through IICRC approved coursework forflood damage remediationand abatement of a broad range of regular and biohazard. A project manager assesses the flood and types the waters as clean, gray (slightly contaminated), or black (dangerously tainted with sewage or other contaminated waste). We pump and extract the water, seeking out hidden pockets or water and filth with state of the art scanners and moisture meters. Contaminated fluids are contained and disposed of according to local codes.

Technicians treat flood areas with antimicrobial products matched to the contaminants noted. Air movers and dehumidifiers continue to remove moisture, essential to avoid more deterioration or mold damage. We pack out any water soaked possessions to a staging area where decisions to discard, or dry are made with your input. SERVPRO offers modern freeze-drying technologies for papers, a more cost-effective and successful method than air drying or dehumidification.

Speedy and thorough, the SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn team manages all steps from flooded to clean and dry. As soon as practicable after the flooding is noted, call (503) 635-6233 for our high-quality flood remediation services.

After Storm Tips

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage After Storm Tips When April showers become spring storms, damage can occur.

Spring is in the air! After the long, grey and dreary winter, those of us in the Lake Oswego & West Linn area welcome this time of year with open arms. As the sun starts to peak its head around the corner, many northwest residents start their gardens and begin to make plans to get out in the much anticipated sunshine. Although we are finally seeing a bit more blue sky, we are not quite in the clear just yet. Spring often brings some severe wet weather and flash flooding mixed in with the sunshine. Spring storms can sometimes prove to be the most severe in terms of rainfall for some Clackamas County area residents. Knock on wood, but it is very seldom that we get through the spring without at least ONE major rainstorm. After the storm, it’s important to know what to do, as well as what not to do. We’ve put together a few tips that you and your family can use in the event of a spring flood.

  • Photograph The Damage. You can never take too many photos. Your insurance company will thank you and you will have a much easier time with your claim if you have good photos.
  • Contact Your Insurance Provider. As soon as you have gathered preliminary information, you should contact your home insurance provider. In the event that your vehicle has suffered damage, contact your auto insurance provider.
  • Safety First. Be mindful of fallen power lines and take care not to come in contact with electrically charged water.
  • Inspect Plumbing. Turn of your water main if necessary. Contact a trusted plumbing contractor if you discover plumbing damage.
  • Disconnect electrical appliances that have come in contact with water. Turn off main power at the power source. Contact a electrician if you discover damaged electrical wires.
  • Inspect your roof. Heavy rains and wind may have dislodged some of your roofing. If you discover any damage, contact a roofing contractor.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn. If the storm has resulted in flooding, call SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn immediately to start the water remediation process. Secondary water damage can occur in as little as 24 hours.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove fallen trees yourself. Contact a reputable arborist if the tree is on your property or the appropriate municipality if it has fallen across public lands or roads.
  • Always work with trustworthy local service providers. Unfortunately, there are some companies that attempt to take advantage of storm events. Always obtain a written contract that outlines the service expectations and a breakdown of costs.

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a storm event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Helpful After Storm Tips For Lake Oswego Homeowners

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Helpful After Storm Tips For Lake Oswego Homeowners Storm damage can be especially traumatic. It's good to have a plan together in the event of a disaster.

In the Pacific Northwest, storm damage can occur almost year round and can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home. Heavy rainfall can potentially cause flooding, and those strong winds coming out of the Columbia River gorge can equal down trees on your property. After the storm damage can also create health and safety challenges as well. It is wise to have a strategy in place to help you be ready in the event of storm related damage to your home.

Use Caution

Strong winds and rain can create tangible physical hazards such as falling or collapsed roof materials, broken window glass, compromised wall structure and standing and possibly stagnant water in the basement or crawl space. Additionally, moisture can permeate into carpets, furniture, drapes and walls, creating an ideal environment for unhealthy mold to flourish. Turn off your main gas line if you smell gas. Use caution and keep an eye out for broken glass, exposed nails and other sharp objects. Contact SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn as soon as possible to start the remediation process. It may be necessary to make alternate housing arrangements while your home is being restored.

Take Pictures

If you can safely navigate around your property, take as many photos of your property as you can to provide to your insurance company. This will help with insurance compensation.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Alert your insurance agent of your homes damage immediately. An adjuster will be dispatched to assess the damages to your home. SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn can help your navigate this process.

When storm related disaster strikes, you may be filled with a myriad of emotions, but having these steps in place can help you start the process of getting your life back to normal. SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn offers 24/7 disaster restoration services. We are always here to help. 503-635-6233

When Storms Strike West Linn, SERVPRO is ready!

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Storms Strike West Linn, SERVPRO is ready! From small pipe leaks to a full scale storm event, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn has seen it all and is ready to help when disaster strikes!

As a flood damage restoration specialist, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn utilizes and maintains and inventory of state of the art equipment and houses a staff of highly trained and certified personnel to return your property to a pre-storm condition.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Being a locally owned and operated business enables us to respond fast with the correct resources. This is critical, as a fast response minimizes potential secondary damage and reduces the restoration cost.

Storm & Flood Resources

When a storm strikes Clackamas County, our team will measure our resources to handle a either a large storm or a flooding disaster. We have continuous access to equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams [[Click to your disaster recovery page]] that are strategically located throughout the entire United States.

When Storm or Flood Damage Stikes, Call the Experts at SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn. 503-635-6233

Protect Important Documents From Flood Damage In West Linn

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protect Important Documents From Flood Damage In West Linn Willamette River Flooding? West Linn Area Residents Rely on SERVPRO for Help

Storms and Water Damage, SERVPRO Says Plan Ahead

Homeowners around the country know that the risk of flood damage is real. It only takes inclement weather, a broken downpipe, a leaky roof or a broken appliance to flood your home and cause extensive damage. SERVPRO believes that planning is key to handling a household crisis, and a critical area of planning documents protection. Here is our advice for protecting essential papers in your West Linn home.
We live in an age where people bank, update their insurance, make payments and even apply for jobs online. However, it is still a good idea to protect essential documents from flood damage in West Linn. After all, many documents are expensive, complicated, or nearly impossible to replace.
What is an important document? We recommend including the following: Personal papers such as birth and marriage certificates, all insurance policies, documents relating to your home and utilities, identity documents such as passports and social security, stock and bond certificates, medical information, and any end-of-life paperwork such as wills.
The first step is gathering all essential paperwork into one place. It is a good idea to create two backups of each piece of paper – one electronic one on a USB stick or online and one paper photocopy.
Store one set of papers (either originals or photocopies) in a watertight lockable metal box. A sturdy box keeps everything together and ensures that in the event of flood damage it is easy to grab your essential documents and move them. You also benefit from your paperwork being tidier on a daily basis!
Keep the second set of papers elsewhere. A rented safe deposit box at a bank is a good option as it is impersonal and completely secure. However, do be aware that you may only access it when the bank is open, so do not store anything that you need in an emergency.
Some people choose to keep their backup documents with a friend or relative. Make sure you trust the person thoroughly and do not leave them with the key to your box.
In the event of flood damage, SERVPRO is on hand to help. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the necessary tools and skills to clean and dry your home and even freeze-dry essential books and papers. This process, called lyophilization, takes specialized equipment and skills.
For help with flood cleanup in Lake Grove, Forest Highland, Oak Creek and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Lake Oswego / West Linn at (503) 635-6233 today.

For more about this Oregon town click.

Flood Damage Affects Personal Belongings in Marylhurst Area Apartments

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Affects Personal Belongings in Marylhurst Area Apartments Apartment buildings get flooded just like houses. If your apartment suffers a flooding disaster, contact SERVPRO for consultation and mitigation.

SERVPRO Technicians Tackle BOTH Small and Large Scale Flooding Situations

Too much rain at one time can bring flood conditions straight to your doorstep, and beyond. The belongings of apartment dwellers in Marylhurst can become heavily damaged by flooding whenever this occurs.

When residents see rising waters near their residence, red flags regarding flood damage in Marylhurst should signal caution and steps to protect family and valuables. Moving things to higher levels of your home, even if this means placing items on bookshelves or inside cabinets, can save many things from destruction. There are other things you can do to help minimize damage to your belongings.

Increased humidity occurs throughout a dwelling when a flooding event happens. Even if your apartment's location is not on the ground floor, elevated humidity can become a problem. Placing items sensitive to moisture or changes in humidity inside airtight containers or plastic bags can protect them. You can protect photo albums and loose film by keeping humidity away from them. Use this as only a temporary solution, however, because many plastic bags do allow moisture to enter at an extremely slow rate. After we have restored your apartment's humidity back to normal, you should remove these items from the plastic bags.

When belongings do become damaged by flooding, SERVPRO professionals use the Esporta Cleaning system. Clothing, leather items, stuffed toys, sporting equipment, and a lot more no longer face being thrown away. We can save your items through cleaning and elimination of the particles, including pathogens, that flooding deposits.

We know you might have little control over your landlord's actions regarding the restoration of your apartment building, but if you must move to another location, you can do so with clean, non-contaminated belongings. We do everything possible to make it “Like it never even happened” so your life can continue moving forward once more.

If your apartment escaped damage by being upstairs and you decide to remain there, we can install a dehumidifier for you. This can keep humidity at a healthy level for you, but we still recommend keeping windows open whenever weather permits. If your landlord chooses to mitigate the damage below your floor, you might only temporarily require a dehumidification unit.

No matter what kind of flood damage your apartment suffers, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego / West Linn can help you. Our experts receive extensive training and become certified by the IICRC. We believe that no job is too small or unimportant for professional mitigation. Call us at (503) 635-6233 so we can help you protect your belongings from current and developing damage.
For more information regarding Marylhurst, click here

High Winds And Heavy Rains Mean Flood Damage In West Linn

8/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage High Winds And Heavy Rains Mean Flood Damage In West Linn West Linn Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Cleanup After Storms and Floodings

West Linn Storm Damage Gets Help from SERVPRO

Even well-maintained homes quickly become overwhelmed with rainwater when trees or other objects fall because of straight line winds. A previously rain-tight dwelling becomes a sieve, and water rushes in through holes in the roof, exterior walls, and even the foundation. SERVPRO secures the building and gets right to work after the storm.
A tree takes out the back porch and part of the kitchen, causing flood damage to the West Linn bungalow you call home. In addition to significant destruction to the exterior, water is flowing fast into your foundation. Our full-service responders can help with the many tasks ahead.
SERVPRO swiftly protects your property from more water incursion by boarding up broken windows and doors and tarping other areas. Then we get right to work on the several inches of water standing in your basement. The chances are good that your electricity is out, so our truck mounted submersible pumps, and water extractors provide the power. Flood water can contain all manner of contaminants, so we collect it and dispose of it properly according to local regulations.
Any heating and cooling systems or major appliances like laundry machines or dehumidifiers located in the flooded area undergo evaluation for safe operation as the waters recede. If furnishings or electronics are soaked, SERVPRO crews suggest they be moved to a dry staging area like a garage for further review. Carpeting must be dried out immediately if there is any hope of it surviving, so members of our crew remove the padding and create air flow above and below the carpet with heavy duty air movers. High-efficiency dehumidifiers join the equipment lineup to get the moisture content down. In the case of contaminated water dousing the floor materials, then discarding is the safe remedy.
The SERVPRO crew uses sophisticated moisture monitoring probes and scanners to find any areas where water is hiding. If water built up behind a finished wall or in cinder block cells we drain it out by drilling holes in mortar lines or removing pieces of paneling or drywall. All interior building materials receive a thorough assessment. Soaked and crumbling areas may be removed and replaced while other less porous materials are restored.
Getting the trained technicians from SERVPRO of Lake Oswego / West Linn at your home immediately after the flood damage gives you the best chance for speedy restoration. We also endured the storm as we are members of your community, so we are ready for action at your call to us at (503) 635-6233.

City Hall and more info here.

When Storms or Floods hit Clackamas County, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is ready!

12/29/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Storms or Floods hit Clackamas County, SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn is ready! Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in the Lake Oswego/ West Linn Area.

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit in the Clackamas County Area, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.


Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today (503) 635-6233 SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/ West Linn

SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/West Linn Mobilizes to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

8/25/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/West Linn Mobilizes to Help Louisiana Flood Victims Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/West Linn at (503) 635-6233

As floods ravage the State of Louisiana the team of professionals from SERVPRO of Lake Oswego/West Linn jump into action to help Louisiana flood damage victims.

Louisiana Officials Say: At least 13 killed and 30,000 rescued following severe Louisiana weather. With more than 40,000 homes being affected, the Red Cross said this is the U.S.'s worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency on Friday.

Our team of professionals loaded vehicles and a couple trailers with the proper equipment needed and headed to Louisiana early Thursday morning to assist the people of Louisiana in the aftermath and cleanup of this massive storm. After 4 long days of driving, they arrived and had boots on the ground ready to help.

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